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X-ray sCMOS 37.7MP 165 Detector

The detector offers a round 165mm diameter active area, fibre optically coupled to a single chip with 37.7 megapixel resolution. A custom scintillator is deposited onto the camera in order to allow 1keV up to 100keV.

The X-ray sCMOS detector delivers up to 11 fps full resolution allowing real time acquisition routine. A built in electronic shutter allows smear free, shutterless acquisition even with exposure time down to <100 microsecond range. Frame rate of >100 fps can be achieved when used in local sub area mode or line scan mode.

A device server driver control allows remote acquisition through existing GUI interface, allowing easy integration within existing synchrotron or laboratory software.


Resolution 6144 x 6144
Input size (mm) 165 diameter with no dead area
Input pixel size (µm) 25
Dynamic Range 30,000:1
Frame rate 11 fps
Full well capacity >120,000 electrons
Read Out Noise <4 electrons
Quantum Gain @8keVwith GdOS:Tb 3.5 electrons per incident photon
Dark current <0.1 electron/pixel/second (supressed with real time noise thresholding)
Sensor Temp (deg °C) Operating at -40°C with water cooling
Digitization 16-bit digitization /32-bit image depth
Peak QE 72% at scintillator emission wavelength (without microlens)
Exposure 80 microseconds up to hours in accumulation mode
Spacial Resolution (µm) <75µm FWHM with GdOS:Tb
75µm FWHM with CsI:TI
Detector Interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet
data through fibre optic
Energy Range 1keV - 20keV with Gadox:Tb
15keV - 200keV with CsI:TI
Max flux rate Cu K alpha > 109 photons per mm2 per second