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Software Engineer

Full Time

Depending upon experience


Dec 2022


PSEL is a fast-growing specialist imaging equipment manufacturer based in East Sussex. The company has 22 employees and is part of the Tibidabo Scientific Industries group of companies. The growth of the company has created the need to hire a software development engineer to add to the team.


The company develops and manufactures a wide range of camera products, including a range of x-ray cameras. A software development engineer is required to work in a small team developing software for professional digital cameras and imaging systems for scientific and surveillance markets, based in St Leonards, East Sussex.



  • Create, update, and maintain acquisition, control, and post processing DLLs.
  • Create, update, and maintain Image Pro drivers for in-house testing and calibration.
  • Create, update, and maintain camera control utilities
  • Create, update, and maintain PS Viewer end user application
  • Assist with code and product testing as needed
  • Provide customer support on software issues
  • Maintain version control on all software product


Operational duties

We are looking for candidates with as many of the following skills as possible:

  • C/C++ programming knowledge including OOP, ideally C++17+ with knowledge of MSVC for camera driver (DLLs) development and maintenance
  • Knowledge of Win32 API for Integration of camera drivers in Image Pro for in-house testing and calibration
  • Knowledge of Doxygen and comment style for writing customer facing API documentation
  • Python 3.7+ programming knowledge to work with in-house built PS Viewer application, integration of drivers, debugging, creating releases for testing
  • Team player as well as efficient at working independently, taking initiative to get the job done
  • Proficient both in spoken and written English, with confidence to provide customer support when necessary
  • Knowledge of Bitbucket/Git version control system
  • Knowledge of any data transmitting interfaces, such as: GENICAM, eBUS, TISGRABBER, Camera Link, Server Sockets (raw data), Serial COMs
  • Knowledge of cross platform development tools, such as Boost
  • Knowledge of OpenCV image processing library or equivalent
  • Knowledge of multi-threaded application development
  • Experience writing unit tests
  • Experience working with Jira


Human Resource


  • Promote and uphold company performance standards and ideology (quality, continuous improvement, housekeeping & work ethic)

Staff Training & Development

  • Identify, justify and undertake external appropriate training which will be beneficial to PSEL


  • Aim for the following operational excellence.
    • Right first time
    • High productivity
    • High efficiency
    • High effectiveness

Health & Safety

  • Promote & maintain awareness and compliance of H&S in accordance with best practices and legal requirements.

Ad hoc

  • The role may include other reasonable duties/tasks from time to time
  • Other R&D department engineers to share opinions and problems
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Management team

Job description – Software Engineer

How to Apply

To apply for this position please email a copy of your CV and cover letter to...


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