Bioimaging Life-Science

Imaging biological processes in real time

To capture the faintest biological processes requires sensitive imaging cameras, which is why for a range of life-science applications researchers choose Photonic Science cameras.

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X-ray Analytical & Imaging

X-ray imaging for material characterisation

With over 30 years of experience Photonic Science cameras have been used in for many x-ray applications including power diffraction, tomography and phase contrast imaging.

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Composition and structural data to complement x-ray information

Photonic Science neutron cameras have been used across the globe and are used for material characterisation when X-rays become too attenuated.

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Quality assurance with optical inspection and characterisation

From solar and semiconductor inspection, to hyperspectral imaging Photonic Science cameras are used in a range of industrial applications.

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Imaging capabilities day and night at any distance

For surveillance Photonic Science cameras are used in a range of applications including airborne payloads and long-range surveillance.

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From microstructural information to observing the entire sky

Cutting edge science require the very latest in imaging technology, which is why our cameras have been used in a range of applications including astronomy, plasma diagnostics and microscopy.

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Diffraction, Imaging and Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAX)

Photonic Science X-ray imaging cameras and systems are installed in many of the synchrotron facilities around the world.

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