Solar Panel & Solar Cell Inspection

Manufacturing solar cells and solar panels involves the precise layering of materials including glass, semiconductors, metals, and antireflective coatings.


Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is a technique that analyses a wider spectrum of light instead than just assigning primary colours (red, green, blue) to each pixel.


Industrial PCB X-ray Inspection Digital X-ray Radiography

X-ray cameras are used to detect porosity, inclusions, cracks and even grain structure within a variety of cast components and in welded joints.


EUV DUV Lithography Source, Optics & Resin Characterization

The semiconductor industry roadmap uses shorter wavelength light sources to produce smaller feature sizes on processors as well as on memory components.


Laser Imaging PSL

InGaAs cameras are used to characterise the profiles of lasers used in the telecom bands as well those used for free space communication.


UV Forensics Imaging

UV sensitive CMOS cameras are used for recording the UV reflectance of untreated fingerprints, as well as fingerprints that have been processed with cyanoacrylate fuming (superglue evaporation).


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