The science behind the image

Photonic Science is proud to have developed state-of-the-art scientific cameras and systems for over 100 international research institutes throughout the world. With over 30 years experience we can provide customised cameras and systems that range from X-ray, Neutron, visible, NIR and SWIR as well as Laue diffraction systems.

Using the latest sensors, including sCMOS, CCD, SWIR (InGaAs) and intensified our cameras can be used in a range of demanding applications, including; x-ray diffraction, hyperspectral imaging, crystal growth and orientation, low light imaging, astronomy and confocal microscopy.

Life science imaging

Our SWIR InGaAs and sCMOS cameras are used across the globe to assist scientists in cutting edge life science research

Electron microscopy

Our state-of-the-art indirect X-ray cameras are used to capture the smallest details for the world’s leading electron microscopy organisations.


With high dynamic range and sensitivity our sCMOS cameras enables short exposures to be taken with negligible read out noise

Cooled VGA SWIR InGaAs Camera

Quantitative SWIR imaging and surveillance

OEM versions with special form factors / cooling options are available for integration into specific instruments / systems. The modules use selected...


X-Ray sCMOS 4MP Detector

High resolution X-ray imaging

The X-ray sCMOS 4MP Detector is a high resolution X-ray digital detector with a custom scintillator, allowing 1KeV up to 55KeV operation...


X-Ray sCMOS 16MP Detector

High resolution X-ray imaging

With a larger active area and a higher resolution, the X-Ray sCMOS 16MP Detector makes use of a custom scintillator to allow 1keV up to 300keV...


Intensified CCD & CMOS Camera

Ultimate low light level imaging

Photonic Science Intensified CCD camera provides the ultimate in low light level imaging with gating speeds down to 3 ns. Featuring an 18 mm image intensifier...


Neutron ICCD + sCMOS Detectors

High Sensitivity ICCD and sCMOS Sensors

Our range of cooled neutron detectors employ LiF:ZnS:Ag scintillator screens read out by very low noise high sensitivity ICCD and sCMOS sensors...


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