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Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Photonic Science is a high technology independent manufacturer of scientific detector systems covering the range of visible to X-ray and neutron detection.

Here at Photonic Science, we are committed to meeting customers’ expectations of quality, on time delivery, innovation, and product performance by following a clear strategy, setting, and communicating goals, and measuring important business activities.
Photonic Science operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. We are committed to continual improvement in all areas of the business including the quality management system and ensuring we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quality Objectives

• Growing our business through new product development and expansion into new markets
• Ensuring that new product development is guided by a good understanding of customer requirements
• Establishing partnerships with suppliers to ensure quality and good value and understand risk in our supply chain
• Implement design to cost improvement practices
• Employing efficient operational practices
• Improving services, processes, and yields
• Reducing waste
• Increasing product quality
• Delivering products on time and in full
• Providing the right organisation, facilities, and resources and employing the right people to ensure the provision of quality products which fulfil customer requirements and can be manufactured profitably

Scope of the Quality Management System (QMS)

Photonic Science is located in the South East of England and has the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture state of the art scientific detector systems covering a range of visible to X-ray and neutron detection. Photonic Science deploys its technical and commercial resources to work in close partnership with its customers to provide detectors and systems designed to meet the specific requirements of customer applications and experiments.
Photonic Science maintains a close relationship with our customers, which enables the company to keep developing its products and services to meet customer expectations and thereby keep a competitive edge from superior technical and customer service performance. To maintain this competitive edge Phonic Science collaborates closely with our suppliers to ensure that the most stringent requirements can be achieved. ISO 9001 accreditation and the QMS are essential tools to monitor the performance of the company on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is constantly improving its performance and that the measures and key performance indicators are relevant for the environment in which the company operates.

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