Astronomy & Adaptive Optics

Computer controlled deformable mirrors can correct, in real-time, the distortion caused by the turbulence of the Earth’s atmosphere, making the images obtained almost as sharp as those taken in space.


Plasma & Laser Diagnostics

EUV / VUV detectors are used for calculating the fractional abundance of ions for hot plasmas with different electron temperatures and electron densities.


Quantum Dots Imaging

Quantum dots (QDs) are tiny semiconductor particles a few nanometres in size that have optical and electronic properties that differ from larger particles due to the quantum behaviour at nanoscales.


Scanning Electron Microscopy

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) produces images of a sample by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons.


TEM - Transmission Electron Microscopy

The TEM is used heavily in both material science / metallurgy and the biological sciences. In both cases, the specimens must be very thin and able to withstand the high vacuum present inside the instrument.



Super-Resolution is a technique to generate a higher resolution image from multiple lower resolution images. Our Super-Resolution SWIR camera that will extend VGA-resolution 640 x 512 pixel image format up to SXGA with 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution.


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