X-Ray Cameras

High resolution and low noise X-ray imagery

Indirect X-Ray cameras for energy ranges for 2-300 keV, a variety of input sizes and resiolution from 1.4 to 64 megapixels.

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Laue Crystal Orientation Systems

Real-time crystal orientation with down to 0.1 degree of accuracy

Compact, desktop Laue crystal orientation system, available with either manual or motorised goniometers, provides Laue diffraction patterns in seconds.

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SWIR Cameras

InGaAs focal plane array cameras with low dark current

SWIR cameras with either VGA or ¼ VGA resolution, high frame rates and low dark defective pixel count provides best in class imaging between 900 – 1700 nm.

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Optical Cameras

Low noise sCMOS cameras for scientific and surveillance applications

Latest generation sCMOS cameras, available with 2.1, 4.2 and 16.4 megapixels, low noise and high sensitivity for light starved applications.

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ICCD Cameras

Ultimate low light level imaging with gating speeds down to 3 ns

Intensified CCD camera with best in class image intensifiers and gains from 104 to 106 for extremely light starved applications.

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Neutron Detectors

LiF:ZnS:Ag scintillators combined with low noise high sensitivity cameras

sCMOS or Intensified neutron detector, with high dynamic range and single neutron equivalent read out noise.

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