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Nightfall-HR Camera

The new Nightfall-HR camera from Photonic Science provides an ideal solution for 24-hour imaging in all conditions, from starlight to full daylight.

The camera uses a state-of-the-art back illuminated sCMOS sensor with 0.5 electron readout noise. Unprecedented low light imaging, rivaling that of intensified solutions, is achieved through the coupling of thermoelectric cooling and Photonic Science’s powerful image processing.

The 9.4 megapixel format provides the high resolution required for long distance surveillance, with capabilities to digitally zoom into features of interest.


Spectral Range 380 - 1100 nm
Resolution (pixels) 4096 x 2300
Pixel Size 4.6 x 4.6 µm
Sensor Size 18.9 mm x 10.6 mm (21.6 mm diagonal)
Sensor Frame Rate Camera Link - 12 fps Full Frame and 30 fps 1080 HD / GigE - 8 fps Full Frame and 20 fps 1080 HD
Exposure Time 25 microseconds up to 60 seconds
Full Well Capacity 7,000 electrons
Sensor Read Out Noise 0.5 electron
Reading Mode Integrate While Read / Rolling Shutter
Dark Current 2 electron/pixel/second at +20ºC
Image Quality Image processing and calibrations provide optimal image output over varying temperature and light
ADC 12-bit, 16-bit HDR mode with in-computer digital processing
Non Linearity <1%
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Vision compliant or optional Camera Link

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