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CCD Inspection with 16 megapixel X-ray sCMOS camera

18th Jul, 2019

PSEL is proud to announce its new X-ray 16 megapixel 4096 x 4096 camera, with either 9 µm or 13.5 µm pixels.

The 9 µm pixel version will deliver spatial resolution up to 30lp/mm whereas the 13.5 µm version will deliver better than 20lp/mm spatial resolution. Both Gadox and very high resolution Scintacor Caesium Iodide scintillator options are available.

Both versions provide large area coverage of Integrated Circuits, BGA and other PCB components thanks to small geometric magnification requirements: typically only 3x to 10x is used to reach micron scale resolution.

Example of 20 microns bond wires on a 7.6 x 6.8mm CCD package at 3x magnification showing integrity of soldered pads, and 6x magnified image on the soldered pads with 4 µm resolution (limited by the X-ray source size).

16 megapixel X-ray inspection of CCD bond wires at less than 4μm resolution & 6x geometric magnification

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