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Enhanced NDT Inspection System Using X-ray and Optical Technology

31st Jul, 2020

Enhanced NDT Inspection System using X-ray and Optical Technology 

Scintacor has taken delivery of an enhanced NDT Inspection system combining X-ray and Optical Technology from Photonic Science & Engineering to  improve the quality of their CsI scintillators. The purchase of this equipment will allow Scintacor to improve the efficiency of their production line, and to increase product quality levels. This is a joint development, with PSEL providing the hardware and operating software; Scintacor providing customised software and tooling. The flexibility of the system will allow Scintacor to extend the machine’s capabilities to further improve the quality of Scintacor’s CsI products in the future.

NDT Inspection System Using X-ray and Optical Technology

Photonic Science X-ray & Optical Inspection


NDT Inspection System Using X-ray and Optical Technology

Scintacor CsI Scintillator











This system has the capability to perform: 

Batch measurement on structured Scintacor CsI scintillators used for dental imagers and other applications. A microfocus X-ray source delivers a homogenous illumination over a platter hosting samples coming out from production, green light emissions from the CsI is then captured by an 80 Megapixel resolution sCMOS camera array.

X-ray measurements are combined with optical measurements. A white light spectrum-based set of LEDs is used to create a composite image acquired from different angles. This  dual optical and X-ray modality approach allows improved quality control checks as it correlates blemishes that could potentially be missed if characterized using a single modality. The system also includes the phoronic Scoence fibre optically coupled 16 Megapixel sCMOS camera from which MTF measurements are derived in addition to light output and signal to noise ratio.

If you have specific  requirements and would like to talk to a sales representative about a potential solution, we can help. Contact a member of the Photonics Science team today to learn more about the our X-ray sCMOS camera solutions



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