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X-ray sCMOS 37.7MP Detector For Scientific and Industrial Imaging

2nd Nov, 2022


The detector offers a 61.44 x 61.44 mm active area, fibre optically coupled to a single chip with 37.7-megapixel resolution. A custom scintillator is deposited onto the fibre optic input to allow 1keV up to 100keV operation. 

The X-ray sCMOS detector delivers up to 11 fps full-resolution allowing real time acquisition routine. A built-in electronic shutter allows shutterless acquisition even with exposure time down to <100 microsecond range. Frame rate of >100 fps can be achieved when used in local sub area mode or line scan mode.

A device server driver control allows remote acquisition through existing GUI interface, allowing easy integration within existing synchrotron or laboratory software.

The detector is part of a larger product range featuring the same very low noise performance and small pixel size achieving very high-resolution imaging.

The active area offered by these new devices ranges from 22.5 x 22.5mm, 36.8 x 36.8 mm up to 61.5 x 61.5mm with resolution from 2048 x 2048, 4096 x 4096 up to 6144 x 6144 pixels respectively using 1:1 fibre optic coupling between the sensors and scintillator material.

All these X-ray sCMOS detectors will achieve single-photon detection sensitivity. A larger active area can be reached using demagnifying tapered fibre optic and/or detector tiling.

Scintillator CsI:Tl materials  (from Scintacor) with needle-like structures offer very good absorption efficiency whilst maintaining good spatial resolution up to 100keV. Other conventional materials such as GdOS:Tb is used for low energy applications up to 50keV.

A soft X-ray version with detection down to EUV is available with 2k x 2k resolution, ideal for EUV source / mask alignment and HHG imaging.

Find out more about the X-ray sCMOS 37.7MP detector or contact or team..

X-ray image of a mobile phone 13µm magnification with no geometric magnification.



X-ray sCMOS 37.7MP Detector

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