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Laue Crystal Orientation System

Photonic Science back reflection Laue system allows real-time crystal orientation down to 0.1 degrees accuracy.

With PSEL software mis-orientation measurement down to 0.05 degrees.

Two dimensional orientation mapping of polycrystalline silicon wafers.

High-throughput sample screening & heavy duty sample orientation up to 20Kg for production environments.


<200μm beam size For small crystals
Motorised stages Allows scanning along the growth axis
Motorised gonios Direct compatibility with synchrotron / Neutron facilities set up
Manual gonios Direct compatibility with cutting tools
<200μm beam size Works with small grain polycrystalline structures
Large scanning linear stages Allows automatic wafer or multiple sample mapping
Motorised Z stage Allows compatibility with large rod / samples
Manual gonio Allows seed orientation down to +/- 0.02 degree accuracy