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Next Generation Vertical Laue Crystal Orientation System

Available in 3 configurations – Vertical, Horizontal, and Grain Map – the Photonic Science back reflection Laue system allows real-time crystal orientation down to 0.1 degrees accuracy.

Single crystal electro-optical properties are strongly dependent on crystallographic orientations. The Laue tool collects high-resolution X-ray diffraction patterns from a single crystal, allowing the right crystallographic plane to be selected with excellent accuracy.




The next generation Laue System

Single-crystal materials are playing an important role in novel devices, from non-linear optics to jet engine turbine blades and superconducting materials. A high-resolution Crystal Orientation System is the ideal tool to capture and analyse the Laue diffraction pattern from a wide range of crystalline materials.

With dedicated software, the orientation of single crystals can be measured quickly with excellent accuracy
The system delivers an intense X-ray beam with less than 0.3mm on the sample. Single crystals' electro-optical properties are strongly dependent on crystallographic orientations.

The LAUE tool collects a high-resolution X-ray diffraction pattern from the single crystal out of which the right crystallographic plane cut can be selected with excellent accuracy.

Key Features

  • Available in Vertical, Horizontal, and Grain Map configurations
  • Plug-n-Play compact cabinet system - no customised bench or additional services required
  • Fully automated and motorised XYZ Stages and Goniometer, with manual options available
  • CCD back reflection, high-resolution, high-sensitivity x-ray detector
  • Proprietary focussing optics giving a small collimated beam size
  • Fast and precise alignment of small crystals with on-board high-resolution viewing camera
  • Distance measurement tool for precise and reproducible sample positioning
  • Dedicated Laue Software for full control, data acquisition, processing and analysis
  • High-throughput sample screening options

Vertical Laue Configuration

The most flexible configuration, the Vertical Laue system uses a vertical beam path for high throughput scanning of multiple crystals in isolation or multiple areas of interest. Using gravity, samples do not need to be adhered to the platform, allowing for easier mounting, and orienting of crystals. With a <200µm beam size both sub-millimetric range samples and larger components like turbine alloys are accommodated.

Vertical Laue System

Horizontal Laue Configuration

The Laue System is also available with a traditional horizontal geometry. A horizontal Laue System is well suited to orient the crystal for cutting or to quickly scan the crystal to identify reflections.

Horizontal Laue System

Grain Map Configuration

A vertical system featuring a special camera, lens, illumination, and mapping software to measure the orientation of each grain. Grain Map includes a fully motorised XYZ Stage and Goniometer as standard, and is ideal for grain mapping silicon wafers.

Grain Map


Large Active Area 155 mm x 105 mm
High Resolution 2,500 x 1,650 pixels
Input Pixel Size 60 µm x 60 µm
Spot Size Down to 200 µm
Energy Range 5 to 50 keV
Source 50W
Manual Option Manual XYZ Stage and Goniometer
Motorised Option Motorised XYZ Stage and Goniometer
No Goniometer Option Motorised XYZ Stage - NO Goniometer
Fine Focus Option Vertical Configuration only
Customised Solution Fully customisable systems available



What our Clients Say

“ The Photonic Science Laue is our system of choice as we have found it very dependable. Beyond the accuracy and reliability, the major feature is the convenience and speed of the system... it runs off a normal wall plug and quickly boots up to check your crystals immediately. It really is the best value that I have found on the market, with the complete kit delivered onsite with an installation video - you set it up and, in an hour or two, you are ready to go. ” Gavin Hester, PhD Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Brock University.

If you would like to learn more about our Laue Crystal Orientation System, simply contact a member of the Photonics Science team today.