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Turnkey Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions from Photonics Science

26th Oct, 2020

Photonics Science is one of the industry leaders when it comes to turnkey imaging solutions based on precision sensing devices. Our expertise spans thirty years of intensive research and development (R&D), which has yielded significant technical advances in both CCD and CMOS cameras. Among our more recent developments is a range of cooled InGaAs sensors designed for excellent near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity. This means we can supply technologies covering a wide region of the electromagnetic spectrum, from X-rays to short wave infrared (SWIR).

We incorporate our cooled InGaAs sensor modules into a range of systems engineered for comprehensive inspections using infrared light. This includes advanced hyperspectral imaging solutions that capture multispectral data using complex sensing arrays.

Cooled VGA SWIR InGaAs Camera

Why Hyperspectral Imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is an advanced method used to obtain capture specific reflectance signatures from an object or scene. It uses several cameras/sensors to acquire images across several different wavelength ranges and collates those images into a contiguous stack. The overall dataset provides a detailed insight into surface chemistry, form, topography, and more.

Acquiring the data necessary for hyperspectral imaging applications requires several integrated cameras, typically sensitive to visible (VIS), NIR, and SWIR radiation. It is important that the respective spectral ranges of each sensor are laterally contiguous with one another, otherwise, their spectral images will be discrete and thus cannot provide a continuous spectrum. This is one of the reasons why our cooled InGaAs cameras have proven so successful in hyperspectral imaging systems.

Why InGaAs Sensors?

Indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) is a novel III-V compound semiconductor with extended wavelength sensitivity in the NIR region. Silicon has a sharp cut-off in spectral sensitivity at this long wavelength range, but cooled InGaAs sensors can reliably obtain high resolution SWIR imagery across a spectral range of 900 – 1700 nanometres (nm). This is extremely valuable for hyperspectral imaging applications needing to bridge the gap between visible and infrared.

Why Turnkey Solutions?

Acquiring all that data and rendering a data cube is a complex procedure requiring careful selection of the right components. A typical hyperspectral imaging array is built-up of multiple integrated subsystems connected by encoded drivers and run using precision software based on special algorithmic tools. Developing a hyperspectral imaging system in-house is no easy feat.

At Photonics Science, we have a long track record of carrying turnkey designs from initial conception through to implementation. We have engineered a range of high-performance hyperspectral imaging solutions for existing customers and are always happy to field requests for new solutions featuring our best-in-class InGaAs cameras. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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