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Industrial Laue System for Crystal Orientation

15th Jan, 2021

Industrial Laue Systems

Single-crystal materials play an important role in mass manufacturing products such as lasers and turbine blades. They play a crucial role in industrial applications requiring radio frequency GaAs substrates, CdTe radiation detectors, laser emitters, piezo sensors, InSb Mid Wave Infra-Red detectors, or synthetic diamond substrates for new quantum detectors.

The fields of application are very broad, and yet share the same requirement for finding exact crystal orientation which will enable the right electro-optic and or mechanical properties that will match the application requirements. Photonic Science & Engineering provides turn-key solutions for finding accurate crystal orientation prior to cutting and polishing these outstanding materials.

The industrial Laue Systems are customized for handling wafers, small batch of mm square samples, or larger samples such as 25kg ingots. We provide automated data collection from sample loading, acquisition of diffraction patterns, down to individual sample report generation.

The system also copes with the indexation of complex grain structures as in the case of polycrystalline materials, thanks to combined modalities allowing both X-ray diffraction and extraction of weakly contrasted grain contours.


Industrial Laue System gonio and silicon seed

High precision motorized goniometer











Thanks to a very small footprint, low cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance, the systems can integrate into R&D laboratories as well as 24/7 production lines. if you have any questions, why not contact a member of the team today?

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Industrial Laue System for Crystal Orientation

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