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NEW Next Generation Laue Crystal Orientation System

12th Apr, 2023

Introducing our new Vertical Laue System – the most flexible configuration, offering a range of benefits over traditional horizontal geometry

Photonic Science are delighted to introduce their NEW Vertical Laue System

Single-crystal materials are playing an important role in novel devices, from non-linear optics to jet engine turbine blades and superconducting materials. A high-resolution Crystal Orientation System is the ideal tool to capture and analyse the Laue diffraction pattern from a wide range of crystalline materials. With dedicated software, the orientation of single crystals can be measured quickly with excellent accuracy. The system delivers an intense X-ray beam with less than 0.3mm on the sample. Single crystals’ electro-optical properties are strongly dependent on crystallographic orientations.The LAUE tool collects a high-resolution X-ray diffraction pattern from the single crystal out of which the right crystallographic plane cut can be selected with excellent accuracy.

To find out more about the PSEL Laue Systems, register for our Webinar with Guest Speaker Gavin Hester who will tell you about his experience using the PSEL Laue System.

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