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HAWK eye sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance

12th Jan, 2021

Coming soon the New sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance colour and NIR delivers low light level imaging down to <30 micro lux faceplate illumination. The camera closes the gap between Gen2 intensified cameras without image burn-in artefacts or halo saturation effects. The resolution at higher light levels is un compromised by the presence of a image intensifier attached to a CCD or CMOS sensor, thus allowing long range imaging capabilities as well as low light performance in a cost effective EAR99 camera package.


If you have specific requirements and would like to talk to a sales representative about a potential solution, we can help. Contact a member of the Photonics Science team today to learn more about the HAWKeye HD-SDI sCMOS camera and our custom sCMOS solutions.


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