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New SWIR HDR With In-Camera Corrections

4th Oct, 2019

Photonic Science is pleased to announce its new SWIR HDR camera, featuring in-camera corrections and high dynamic range mode. Available with a 640 x 512 pixels @ 15 µm pitch InGaAs sensor and frame rates up to 300 fps the SWIR HDR camera has excellent performance for a range of applications including; semiconductor inspection, long range surveillance for haze, light smoke and mist penetration, hyperspectral imaging, photoluminescence and laser beam profiling. The SWIR HDR features 4 point in-camera non-uniformity corrections, low defective pixel count and an HDR mode for extended dynamic range. With either passive cooling for short exposure times or active air and water cooling for exposure times up to 1 minute the SWIR HDR provides class leading low dark current. Camera Link and Gigabit Ethernet Vision compliant interfaces enables easy integration into existing systems.

SWIR HDR With In-Camera Corrections

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