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X-ray sCMOS achieves outstanding MTF

30th Sep, 2019

New X-ray sCMOS achieves outstanding MTF thanks to small input pixel size and structured scintillator technology.

With a typical pixel pitch of 13.5 µm and 4096 x 4096 effective resolution it can resolve better than 25 µm features without the need of geometric magnification.

Using a proven rad hard design and the New exchangeable flexible substrate structured CsI:Tl scintillator from Scintacor, the new 16.8 megapixel X-ray sCMOS camera allows very compact system design for X-ray microCT and X-ray tomosynthesis inspection applications from 10kV up to 130kV operation.

Biological samples are typically scanned with low energy and will benefit from short working distances because of intrinsic absorption in air. A quick example shows hair structure on a fly wing acquired down to <4 µm resolution with only 8x geometric magnification.

20lp/mm chart

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