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Celebtrating Science – Dinner with Max Von Laue

12th Jan, 2021

Max Von Laue (9th October 1879 – 23 April 1960) discovered a phenomenon known as “diffraction patterns” occurs when waves pass through small, tightly spaced openings in a screen. In 1912, Max von Laue came upon the idea that X-rays passing through crystals might create similar patterns. That is, that a crystal’s structure would correspond…

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X-ray Micro CT: Using sCMOS Cameras in Tomography

12th Jan, 2021

X-ray computed microtomography allows the rendering of a virtual 3D model of an object with spatial resolutions in the micrometre regime. To achieve high resolution reconstruction, the characteristics of the X-Ray detector plays an important role. Besides other parameters, the size of the detector pixels determines which resolution is accessible with a certain X-ray micro…

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HAWK eye sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance

12th Jan, 2021

Coming soon the New sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance colour and NIR delivers low light level imaging down to <30 micro lux faceplate illumination. The camera closes the gap between Gen2 intensified cameras without image burn-in artefacts or halo saturation effects. The resolution at higher light levels is un compromised by the presence of a…

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2D Orientation Mapping of Silicon Wafers with Laue Diffraction

8th Jan, 2021

  2D Orientation Mapping of Silicon Wafers with Laue Diffraction Silicon wafers form the basis of modern microelectronics and photovoltaic technology. They need highly accurate alignment with regards to their crystalline orientation when they undergo various processing steps. It is possible to determine the crystlaline structure of a silicon wafer with a hammer and nail—but…

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Key Applications for sCMOS Synchrotron Detectors

1st Dec, 2020

In-situ beamline analysis is carried out using X-ray detectors based on next-generation scientific CMOS. These sensors, thanks to very low readout noise, are able to capture a single X-ray photon whilst maintaining intra-scene good dynamic range. Synchrotron detectors can be classified as either direct or indirect detectors which will sense from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation…

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Laser World of Photonics China

Venue: Shanghai New International Center

Location: Shanghai China

Date: 17 - 19 March

Stand: W5.5301

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SPIE Photonics West 2021

Venue: The Moscone Center

Location: 747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

Date: 6th March- 11 March 2021

Stand: 4442

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ESRF Virtual Users Meeting

Venue: Digital Forum

Location: Digital Forum

Date: 9 Feb 2021

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