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Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging non-ionizing technique for medical applications

1st Feb, 2021

Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging imaging and non-ionizing modality for medical applications, especially in image-guided surgery and disease diagnostics. Colour cameras capture 2 dimensional and spectral information mixed over three fundamental spectral channels: i.e. Red Green and Blue. This three-dimensional data set is a precursor of a hypercube with two spatial dimensions and one spectral…

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Industrial Laue System for Crystal Orientation

15th Jan, 2021

Industrial Laue Systems Single-crystal materials play an important role in mass manufacturing products such as lasers and turbine blades. They play a crucial role in industrial applications requiring radio frequency GaAs substrates, CdTe radiation detectors, laser emitters, piezo sensors, InSb Mid Wave Infra-Red detectors, or synthetic diamond substrates for new quantum detectors. The fields of…

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Celebtrating Science – Dinner with Max Von Laue

12th Jan, 2021

Max Von Laue (9th October 1879 – 23 April 1960) discovered a phenomenon known as “diffraction patterns” occurs when waves pass through small, tightly spaced openings in a screen. In 1912, Max von Laue came upon the idea that X-rays passing through crystals might create similar patterns. That is, that a crystal’s structure would correspond…

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X-ray Micro CT: Using sCMOS Cameras in Tomography

12th Jan, 2021

X-ray computed microtomography allows the rendering of a virtual 3D model of an object with spatial resolutions in the micrometre regime. To achieve high resolution reconstruction, the characteristics of the X-Ray detector plays an important role. Besides other parameters, the size of the detector pixels determines which resolution is accessible with a certain X-ray micro…

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HAWK eye sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance

12th Jan, 2021

Coming soon the New sCMOS 4123 Camera 24/7 Surveillance colour and NIR delivers low light level imaging down to <30 micro lux faceplate illumination. The camera closes the gap between Gen2 intensified cameras without image burn-in artefacts or halo saturation effects. The resolution at higher light levels is un compromised by the presence of a…

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SPIE Defence and Commercial Sensing 2022

Venue: Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

Location: Orlando, Florida United States

Date: 3-7 April 2022

Stand: TBD

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Photonics West 2022

Venue: Moscone Centre

Location: San Francisco Bay Trail, San Francisco, CA United States

Date: 25 - 27 Jan 2022

Stand: 2067

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Laser World of Photonics China

Venue: Shanghai New International Center

Location: Shanghai China

Date: 17 - 19 March

Stand: W5.5301

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