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High resolution X-ray scan for Ball Grid Array inspection

4th Jun, 2021

High resolution X-ray scan for Ball Grid Array inspection. Photonic Science X-ray sCMOS 16.8 megapixel camera used for high resolution sequence scan of industrial Ball Grid Array (BGA).  The bond wires and tracks of BGA industrial grade FPGA can clearly be seen in the short video below.

Acquisition was performed over a 7 x 7 mm sample area on a populated PCB at 100kV and 4 microns resolution, with tilt angles varying from +/- 20 degrees with 0.2 degree step size, acquiring images on a 16.8 megapixel X-ray sCMOS camera.

The source to detector working distance is reduced to typically less than 50mm enabling more than 40 degree cone beam angle capture from a high power 4 microns micro focus source. We use small geometric magnification: ie 5x, as opposed to over 100x of 1000x times magnification on other systems. Acquisition time resulting from this very compact geometry is reduced down to few hundreds of milliseconds per angular projection.

The rad hard design enables sustained usage without performance compromise due radiation damage and optimized acquisition duty cycle. This new generation of high resolution X-ray sCMOS detectors come with optimized post acquisition image processing that can be paired with GPU based 3D reconstruction software to deliver near real time 3D rendering as well as 3D pattern matching / feature recognition of critical parts.


The next generation of rad hard X-ray sCMOS camera will deliver up to 37.7 Megapixel enabling up to 12 x 12mm die coverage down 2 microns resolution down to Nyquist limit using the same compact geometry that will make use of 80% of X-ray power delivered by a high power X-ray microfocus source with optimum acquisition duty cycle.


Find out more about the X-ray sCMOS camera or simply contact a member of our team today.

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