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New Hawkeye 4123 sCMOS camera

14th Jun, 2021



Hawkeye 4123 sCMOS camera

The Hawkeye 4123 sCMOS camera features a state of the art BAE Fairchild sCMOS 4123 sensor with 0.5 electron readout noise, very low dark current and low defective pixel count.

Thanks to the proprietary back illumination process and thermoelectric cooling, the new Hawkeye 4123 camera allows uncompromised low light level imaging performances down to starlight conditions. Integrated pixel binning processing allows extremely weak signals to be brought up above the sensor noise floor whilst keeping HD resolution.

Further processing is used to automatically stretch weakly contrasted scenes and remove any potential pixel artefacts from the image.

Once a feature has been identified within the image, the camera will switch on demand to a centred region of interest with all pixels unbinned, thus delivering a 4x digital magnification at HD resolution.

HD-SDI & Gigabit Ethernet Vision compliant interfaces enable easy integration into existing systems. A high speed Camera Link interface that allows uncompressed video data transmission at highest frame rate, is available on demand. OEM versions with special form factors / cooling options are made to order for special programmes, including specific payload, ground surveillance or situation awareness systems.

comparison of Photonic Science ICCD and 4123 Hawkeye at low light level (@ 120 microlux )

Photonic Science ICCD

Photonic Science 4123 Hawkeye binned 4 x 4


Find out more about the Hawkeye 4123 sCMOS camera or simply contact a member of our team today.

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