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SWIR Cameras from Photonics Science

21st May, 2020

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras offer an extended dynamic range for unprecedented intrascene performance, empowering users to visualize critical phenomena in vivid detail. This is achieved by exploiting the portion of infrared light between the visible and mid-wave infrared (MWIR) spectrums.

Photonics Science is one of the foremost SWIR camera suppliers worldwide, offering a choice of imaging and sensing solutions for a range of markets. Our expertise in high-sensitivity digital imaging enables us to provide the best SWIR cameras for industrial, research, and security applications, covering a broad spectrum of key performance objectives.

In this blog post, we will explore each of the SWIR cameras for sale from Photonics Science, including applications and specifications.

Cooled VGA SWIR Camera

Our foundational SWIR camera is the PSEL VGA 15µm, a quantitative solution for imaging and spectroscopy applications. Based on an InGaAs (indium-gallium-arsenide) focal plane array with a choice of deep cooling technologies, our VGA SWIR camera can be optimized for various end-user objectives.

Cooled qVGA SWIR Camera

Just like the PSEL VGA 15µm, our qVGA SWIR camera uses an InGaAs focal plane array with selected cooling options for specific areas of application. With a narrower resolution (320 x 256), the qVGA offers frame rates of up to 110fps at full-resolution with an exposure range from a single microsecond up to one second.

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With passive cooling, both of our SWIR InGaAs cameras are ideal for industrial applications as varied as semiconductor inspection, handheld vision enhancement, and photoluminescence inspection of photovoltaic cells (PVs). Air-cooling and water cooling drive the sensor temperature down to -25°C and -40 – 50°C respectively, significantly reducing the dark current down to (as low as <0.1fA) for advanced projects such as hyperspectral imaging or laser beam profiling.

About Photonics Science Products

We engineer all our SWIR cameras for ease-of-usability and painless integration into existing systems. Photonics Science imaging solutions support camera link and gigabit ethernet vision interfacing to ensure the simplest and most cost-effective method of installation into your workflow. For more complex installations, such as into OEMs, we offer modular systems with tailored form factors and cooling options.

We can also provide SWIR cameras with 4 point in-camera corrections, accounting for bright pixel, dark current, flatfield, gain, and offset. This offers superior image quality without software intervention. If yours is a long exposure application (>1 minute), we can offer a water-cooled solution.

If you have specific installation requirements and would like to talk to a sales representative about a potential solution, we can help. Contact a member of the Photonics Science team today to learn more about our custom SWIR camera solutions.

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