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X-ray Detectors for Synchrotron Beamlines

1st Jul, 2020

X-ray Detectors for Synchrotron beamlines:  The Photonic Science team has designed and manufactured X-ray and Neutron detectors for over 30 years.   Photonic Science’s New advanced X-ray sCMOS detectors dedicated to synchrotron applications are an ideal upgrade solution for older CCD detectors.

The range of imaging detectors available covers nearly all possible requirements including (ultra) high resolution, fast dynamic imaging and high sensitivity.  in addition to the wide range of standard imaging detectors, Photonic Science offer a range of specialist imaging detectors with special housings and mountings, and systems for in-vacuum imaging.


Our detectors cover a broad range of applications such as:

Transmission X-ray Microscopy

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Small Molecule and Protein Crystallography

Small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS and WAXS)

X-ray Micro and Nano tomography

Diffraction Enhanced Imaging


If you have specific requirements and would like to talk to a sales representative about a potential solution, we can help. Contact a member of the Photonics Science team today to learn more about our X-ray detectors for Synchrotron beamlines


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X-ray Detectors for Synchrotron Beamlines

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